Cover Letter


I don't know which came first, my love for theatre or my love of visual art. When I realized I could combine the two, I knew right away that was the goal.


Being a self-taught artist is something I take pride in. I’ve enjoyed the freedom that it has given me to channel my time into the things I’m most passionate about and learn from real work experience and other working professionals. At the age of fourteen I had an internship at Repertory Company Theatre in Dallas, Texas and spent every possible moment in the shops soaking up any advice or opportunity that came my way. By the next year I was one of their lead scenic artists, and I’ve continued scenic painting ever since.

With three years of professional experience, and eight years including community and volunteer/internship work, I am well practiced in basic theatrical textures such as wood grain, stone, marble and wallpapers. Some of my favorite paint techniques include aging and distressing, foam carving, and scenic backdrops (including all the build and prep that goes into that). I enjoy an immersive work experience, and I am not one to shy away from long work hours. I also have experience working in prop and costume shops.

I consider myself so lucky to work in this field and help illustrate the stories being told by so many marvelous writers, directors and designers.